Ace Global Logistics are specialist in procurement and purchasing, supplying a wide range of goods and services to both the public and private industry worldwide.

AGL are leading providers of equipment and services to developing countries. It does not matter what industry or country our clients are in, whatever product they require, we deliver quality goods with exceptional rapid lead time. Our work takes us all around the globe this in turn gives us an edge and understanding of various companies logistics task and how to best approach each one.



AGL work with various, mining, drilling and exploration companies globally, mostly in Africa.  From Gold mines to the Bauxite, copper and iron mines of West Africa.

Supplying the appropriate equipments in order for companies to complete and continue their projects.
We get these industries productions running and back on track.  We get these industries productions running and back on track.


Specialising mainly in Africa, we work with new and well established firms in generating and producing energy. Our focus in this particular industry is assisting new and well established firms in continually generating and producing energy. Areas where resources have just been discovered are also benefiting from our expertise.  No item, parts, equipment or machinery is beyond our capability.  Size or quantity and in some cases innovative parts just for specific projects can be sourced out and delivered for such a lucrative industry.


In developing countries mainly Africa, South America, Middle East and some parts of Asia, we work with government agencies and private organizations in supplying building materials, machineries and spare parts to help aide in the development programs and transformation of emerging economies.

From construction of new roads, housing to building bridges, no matter what the program entails we supply materials, large or small for use by our clients.

We have knowledge of the requirements in this industry and countries, so we house various goods in our vast warehouse ready for transportation to clients instantly as the request/quote comes in.


AGL is efficient in sourcing out tools such as tractors, fertilizers even seeds etc. for farming, irrigation and much more.

AGL continues to be an important factor outsourcing for companies in the agricultural market. If it’s required we have the capability to deliver.

Procurement and logistics is a valuable service in any industry, clients’ benefit from AGL’s unique approach when they contact our organization.  Please contact us or send us any inquiries, we’re confident and guarantee excellent customer satisfaction.