Ace Global Logistics are specialist in procurement and purchasing, supplying a wide range of goods and services to both the public and private industry worldwide.

We have access to suppliers across the globe incorporating all industry. We work with local suppliers and manufacturers based in USA, Europe, Japan, Australia and China or any supplier that can deliver unmatched market price, high quality goods and reliable lead time.

We advise our clients to look at quality and professionalism within a company when outsourcing.  All we ask our clients to do is describe their needs, review the proposals and then make their selection.

AGL’s long standing relationship with suppliers’ results in the best quotes for all our clients when negotiating for components.

AGL offers excellent discounted prices for products. Delivery schedules are also negotiated to suits our clients operations prior to acquiring the product.

In today’s networked economy, hundreds if not thousands of new suppliers come online everyday along with existing ones.  We have unprecedented access to over 500,000 suppliers worldwide.  We maintain accurate and up-to-date information of all suppliers and manufacturers, which is readily available for use across our organisation.

AGL’s supply-chain and procurement offerings entails organising the cost-effective flow and storage of materials, in-process inventory, finished goods, and related information from point of origin to point of consumption to satisfy customer requirements.

AGL’s unique approach helps deliver total supplier management through a single web-based platform, it’s easier to monitor supplier performance and assess compliance.  Some are highlighted below:
Our global reach ensures compliance with pricing, suppliers and payment policies.
In addition, we receive, check and safely store all items before transporting the goods to clients’ port of entry.

Contact us to see how you can benefit from AGL’s unique procurement services.